Outreach Programs

At Hunter Valley Christians, we use various outreach programs to encourage individual Christians to try to share Jesus wherever they can in their neighbourhoods and communities. Some of these programs include:

  • Doorknocking / letterboxing
  • Community BBQ / Luncheons
  • Holiday Bible School
  • Friend Speak (please see below)
  • Ladies days
  • Bible Classes
  • In home Bible studies
  • Coffee shops have proven a wonderful place for meeting people and sharing the gospel over a cup of coffee or tea. Sometimes several of us meet together in a coffee shop in a shopping centre for Bible study.

Friend Speak

The preacher in the congregation, David, uses his language skills to help international students with their English and assignments at the University of Newcastle and Newcastle TAFE.

Sometimes this provides an opportunity to share the English of the Bible with these students so that they can have their heart touched with the gospel at the same time as they improve their understanding and practice of the English language.

If you or anyone you know is seeking to know more about God, Jesus, the church, or Christianity, or if you just need a friend, please feel free to contact David at any day or time on 0401 516 287 or email him on davidgeorgecarr@gmail.com to arrange a friendly, non-threatening meeting or to have your questions answered and your needs addressed.